How to Prepare a Winning Proposal. Do's and Don'ts

    Going through the list of Do’s and Don’ts about how to prepare a winning proposal will help you avoid  common mistakes, and it will enhance the chances of getting the contract awarded to your company.


      1. Create a proposal that represents your company and offer well.
      2. Present a unique offer that best meets the requirements.
      3. Follow all bidding instructions and submission requirements completely. Use any templates provided.
      4. Demonstrate your understanding of the scope of work.
      5. Think like a buyer. Make sure your proposal is clear and coherent for evaluators to read and evaluate against their criteria.
      6. Clarify any questions following the buyer’s procedure.
      7. Outline any risks and your mitigation plans.
      8. Accurately represent past work and current abilities.
      9. Double check your submission against all bidding instructions.


      1. Lie or submit any misrepresentations.
      2. Submit without regard to bidding instructions or requirements.
      3. Present a proposal that is not representative of your company.
      4. Waste time bidding if you do not meet the requirements.
      5. Communicate with the buyer outside of the buyer’s bidding procedure during the bid process.
      6. Focus solely on price without stating your unique value proposition.
      7. Overpromise on time, price, or quality.
      8. Make unstated assumptions without asking for clarification.
      9. Be late in submitting.

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